What Is Alex Velvet USA

By Krystal Branch

Alex Velvet USA is a company that supplies booths for clients involved in trade shows. They are a highly respected company in this field and their work is regarded as top of the industry. They also have a line of displays for jewelry stores and private collectors. Customers can phone the client assistance office and get all the help they need for trade show booth rentals.

The proprietor of this business opened his doors forty years ago and eventually brought his son in as a partner. The corporate offices have ten full time employees who work out of a large warehouse in Chicago and another newer location in Las Vegas. They offer one of the most comprehensive packages of rental displays in the industry.

There are real advantages to renting the booths you will need to display your wares at trade shows. The rental company is able to create the space and image your company wants to provide a relaxed and competent manner for potential customers. The only thing left for you to do is bring the products and put them on display. The final cost you may incur is electricity and drayage.

When your sales station is rented the cost to you will be less because when it is needed it will be there in pristine condition every time. The materials used for your project are stored for you until they are needed for the next show. They are also maintained and repaired at no cost to you through the duration of your contract.

You can setup a contract with this company that covers one or several shows. It can last for years and many customers take advantage of this clause. The contract sets all costs for materials, labor, freight and time when it is created. The costs will not change for the duration of your deal with them and the only time there may be additional charges is when or if you upgrade the design.

Modifications of the original design are also a simple chore. The customer service department is more than happy to help you redesign your booth and the fees only include time and materials. Their designers will send you mock up drawings for written approval prior to implementing any changes.

There is also the aspect of space to consider when you design your booth. When you rent your equipment you can afford a larger structure. You can also afford to be more creative with the design without increasing your budget. Your trade image will be improved each time you present at a show.

There are other companies who offer this service but none have the reputation of Alex Velvet USA. Their clients write rave reviews about them and speak of the inadequate service received from other companies they have dealt with. When looking for a company that will put your needs and wants first you may do well to look into this one.

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